AB Mavi Kart
Work in Germany


  • Assistance with German National Visa and Residence Permit

  • Hand over a list of all documents required for entire process and discuss all steps or requirement for your process

  • Planning your complete journey together

  • Looking for a suitable accommodation (Berlin)

  • We are writing a meaningful motivation letter for your visa

  • Assistance in translating required certificates/documents to German

  • We prepare you optimally for the German language  (Any prior knowledge of German is taken into consideration)

  • We offer application training and interview training

  • Searching a suitable position in your field of choice

  • Help in applying for approbation or work permit

  • Assistance in legal examination of your contract

  • Assistance in applying for a BLUE CARD

  • Airport pick up and local guidance

  • financial calculation of entire process

  • help with necessary insurances in Germany​

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